Hello world!

Be a part of history!  Statesville, NC is going to be the first community in the United States to hold the Guinness World Record for the Longest Continuous Music Concert in history!   We’re talking 24 hours a day for TEN DAYS!  No, we are NOT CRAZY but we ARE FEARLESS!  Starting on Thursday, March 19th and running through Sunday, March 29th, musicians of all genres…country, classical, pop, bluegrass, jazz, harp, piano, violin, gospel, rock, contemporary Christian…you name it! 

Why are we going to break the Guinness World Record?  We have several objectives:

  • We want to showcase the rich talent here in Iredell County and in other communities across our country.  The unemployment rate in Iredell County has doubled in the last year and we have many, many families out of work and struggling to stay afloat.  We ALL need nurturing and this is just what the doctor ordered!  There will be no admission fee, donations only, so that anyone and everyone regardless of ability to pay will be able to attend, enjoy and have their spirits lifted!
  • This will be a true community-wide event with all sectors of our community participating, performing, and supporting. ..young and older.   We are one people and together we can make a difference in struggling lives.
  • United Way of Iredell County is still over $300,000 short of our goal for funding 23 local agencies in 2009.  We have a fundraising component to this event and all proceeds will go to help strengthen our community and provide assitance where needed.

Check out our website at www.unitedwayofiredell.org to learn more or to register to perform and/or volunteer.  Stay tuned to learn more about Statesville’s Music Marathon…musicfeedsfamilies!


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Mollie Smith Says:

    I helped with the concert today… I felt so good knowing that I was a part of something so special…not just for my community but for the world in general. Chris, Pat, Debbie and all of the others who put this wonderful and unique idea into motion all knew that it would be a
    great uplifting event. Here is my hats off to all who have and are making this event something truly special and unique. Let’s rock the world and give it something very positive to think about.

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