What has 1,500 legs, has high energy and just makes you feel good?

Here we are one month from the start date of this Music Marathon and our World Record Committee is getting so pumped!  Today we got our 1st Blues performer registered.  I can’t wait to hear Blazin Blues Bob from Salisbury. 

The main focus of our committee right now is to recruit the 360 volunteers we will need…we’re currently close to the 50% mark there.  We wnat YOU to be invovled in achieving this Guinness World Record for our community. 

What kind of volunteer jobs are there?  In each four hour segment of the concert, we will need:

  • a Concierge or greeter
  • a Manager which our committee will mainly cover
  • Verifier #1 to comfortably sit, watch the clock, enjoy the music and fill out an affidavit to verify the flow of music
  • Verifier #2 do the same as above
  • Security Signal Hill Mall is covering most of this but we need volunteers for the wee hours

Who Can Volunteer?  Since the 10-Day Music Marathon is a 24 hour event, anyone over 18 who attends a training can volunteer.  Retirees are especially welcome, newcomers to Statesville and Iredell County, shift workers who can work on their “off” times, housewives while the kids are in school, etc.

How Do I Sign-up To Volunteer?  Visit our website on-line at www.unitedwayofiredell.org and click on the Music Marathon graphic in the upper right corner and you will find an on-line registration form for volunteers.  You can also come by, call or email the United Way office.

1835 Davie Avenue, Statesville, NC    704-872-3000,  dhowell@unitedwayofiredell.org

So, what has 1,500 legs, lots of energy and makes you feel good?

All the performers at Statesville’s 10-Day Music Marathon!


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