7 Days…the Countdown Continues

We just had our first Volunteer Training at our concert venue at Signal Hill Mal.  Approximately 30 volunteers joined us andWBTV News Kristen Hamptom as well.  Kristen said she wil definitelybe back during the TEN DAYS OF FANTASTIC MUSIC…

Signal Hill Mall owners and managers have been totally awesome in meeting so many of our needs.  Iredell-Statesville Schools have been so gracious  to help us with so many things.  This event wil be an event of a lifetime for this community.  If you’re interested in performing or volunteering, just call United Way at 704-872-3000.Decisions, Decisions


2 Responses to “7 Days…the Countdown Continues”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I was at the 2nd volunteer training this evening and I am so excited about this event. It is going to be awesome…. 🙂

    • patstewart Says:

      Jennifer, so glad to hear from you and that you are looking forward to this event like we are. And thanks so much for volunteering for us. It really is going to be awesome.

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