Day Three of Music Feeds Families…Seven to Go!

Oh, my goodness, what outstanding talent we have witnessed at the 10-Day Music Marathon.  Greg and Laci Broom kept the crowd spellbound with the five year old on her fiddle!  How precious!  Just imagine when she grows up!  Capt. Conrad Sells is an amazing performer and one all crowds enjoy.  I arrived for my shift as floor manager just in time to hear him sing “We Shall Behold Him.”  So beautifully moving.

Mitchell Community College students were next at the mike and many of us felt as if we were listening to folks on Broadway…awesome young talent, students at MCC under the experienced and talented Jane and Dan Pardue.  We want to hear more!

The Statesville Middle School Bulldog Band, Micki Makuta from Concord, the Good Time Band, Ron Brendle and Troy Conn out of Charlotte provided wonderful entertainment. 

Folks, come on out to Signal Hill Mall anytime over the next 7 days and enjoy some fantastic entertainment…day or night, we’re there!  Remember to check us out also on at



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