Amazing Talent & Camaraderie Throughout 7 Days

United Way staff and community volunteers may be tired and worn from 24 hours of music over ten days, but everyone agrees the time and effort is well worth it.  Such beautiful music has been enjoyed by all!  Well, let’s get honest here…not ALL of it was beautiful music…some of us who never INTENTIONALLY listen to heavy metal rock have listened to that, those of us who may not intentionally listen to hi-hop, have heard that…BUT, they all have been expressions of true talent and we all need to expose ourselves from time to time to what pleases and excites others.  Statesville and Iredell County have been walking outside our normal “boxes” for 7 days now and new relationships have been built and new joys discovered.

Some times our verifiers have donned earplugs to monitor the music according to Guinness regulations. 

Sunday afternoon we were treated to very special Praise & Worship music by the group Sealed as well as Kindred Spirit’s Christian rock.  They were followed by Carolina Express dance band and the Mitchell Community College Inspirational Choir.

I shared the live streaming video of our event with some other United Ways around the country so they could take a look at what we are doing.  I got a real chuckle out of the direcotr from an area in Ohio emailing me to say she had shared it with her staff and they were amazed at the event.  Then, she said, “Now, can you tell me how to get the staff off the web so we can get back to work?”  Tune in folks at

If you haven’t made it out to Signal Hill Mall to take a listen to the music being offerend up, don’t miss out…come on out anytime over the next four days and be a part of this historic event!



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