Statesville’s 10 Day Music Marathon runs for 255 Hours

It’s about 1:30 a.m. and I am truly exhausted, but I wanted to post one message before catching some zzzzzs.  Statesville rocks!  We could not have hoped for a more thrilling closing celebration of this achievement…once Guinness checks out all details of our 10-day continuous music concert, our community will be the FIRST community in the USA to achieve this particular World Record!  AWESOME!  More tomorrow.  Please come back and read.  We’ll get photos and video on the site asap!  Now, for some sweet quiet time!!!


6 Responses to “Statesville’s 10 Day Music Marathon runs for 255 Hours”

  1. john t Says:

    everone did a great job i was there about everday im glad me made it but was saden to see it come to a end had met a great bunch of people there who i might not had ever had the chance to meet
    so thanks everone
    john t
    stony point

  2. patstewart Says:


  3. Jen W Says:

    This was an awesome event which brought our community together. I was glad to be a small part of it. I so enjoyed being there in person when I could, listening on line at home or work when I could, and volunteering. Statesville and the United Way of Iredell County have alot to be proud of. Music brings joy to so many people and this was a fitting way to raise funds for the United Way.

    • patstewart Says:

      Jen, wasn’t it just terrific! and thank you for volunteering, visiting and listening on the web. We are so thankful for WBTV for providing the live stream video. My daughters in Florida and Nashville, TN were able to watch our celebration last night. We’re all exhausted, but really do feel a sense of increased community awareness about United Way and human needs in our community. Thanks for posting.

  4. Steve Brook Says:

    Outstanding job Statesville, You do Rock. We here in Detroit supported you the whole way. The marathon is a tool to acomplish a greater thing and you guys really did the job in style. Congratulations from your friends and admirers in Detroit.

    • patstewart Says:

      So, Steve, how’s your event coming along? Our two communities had totally different venues but both worthy missions and we all wish Detroit success as well. We had the most wonderful celebration at midnight last night. I don’t know when the webcam ceased to stream, but it was a mighty precious ending. I’ll take a look at yours tonight. Our best to you all up their. Great focus on the big three auto industry!

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