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Day 8 in Statesville World Record Concert

March 26, 2009

Day 8 has been an enjoyable day at the 10-Day Music Marathon!  I want to publicly thank one of our music marathon committee members and concert performer…Mac Funderburk…Mac was the Executive Director of our Counseling Center of Iredell for many years so the lives of hundreds of our citizens have benefitted by Mac’s caring nature and counseling skills.  Mac and his wife Evelyn aka “Scoop” joined our marathon committee and became financial sponsors and their giving doesn’t stop there.  Today during the wee hours from 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m., Mac performed singing his heart out for our event!  Y’all 3 hours is a long time!  He did it the night before as well.

Last night we enjoyed the beautiful music by Broad Street United Methodist Church Choir, First Baptist Church Choir and Five ’til Five Brass Quintet.  Statesville’s own Karla Causey was outstanding and Neil Furr entertained us with some of his original folk music.  Neil is the Executive  Director of our Yokefellow Ministries. 

My message to our readers today is this…Statesville & Iredell County, we have 3 days left of this fantastic event.  Come out to Signal Hill Mall and enjoy the music, applaud the musicians donating their time and talent and drop a little in our donation box to be shared with the local 23 UW agencies.  Our community has lots of suffering families, so as we know…





Good Grief! Just 8 Days ’til Statesville’s 10-Day Music Marathon

March 12, 2009

We are ROCKIN’ & ROLLIN’ Statesville & Iredell County!  Just 8 days in the countdown until our Guinness World Record 10-Day Music Marathon starts and our committee is PUMPED!  We had a terrific meeting this afternoon with a live performance from Cindy Floyd…over 700 performers booked…we still have slots to fill…especially midnight to 8:00 a.m.  Remember, the music cannot stop so we need to fill in all the gaps.  Interested?  Call 704-872-3000 or register at

All musicians are welcome with family appropriate music and lyrics.  One heck of a celebration of our local talent as well as out-of-town and out-of-state talent coming in.  Country, Classic Rock ‘n Roll, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Jazz, Bluegrass, Blues, Hip Hop, Violin, Church Choirs, ElderCenter’s Snappy Senior Singers, family bands, youth, school bands and choruses, you name it! 

It’s wonderful that the owners of the mall are providing the venue for us…inside so we don’t have to be concerned about the weather. 

We still need volunteers to serve as greeters, verifiers and at our registration desk.  Volunteer for a 4-hr. slot at or call 704-872-3000 with any questions you may have.

I want to tell you how proud I am of our United Way staff who have maintained a high level of enthusiasm and fought off frustrations in managing this event.  Chris Bumgarner, our volunteer organizer, has been just awesome in his leadership and  hard work to make certain breaking this record becomes a reality for our community.  And, of course, he wants to provide a source of funds for the 23 local United Way agencies.

Stay tuned as we count down the days!

Committee Surveying the Venue

Committee Surveying the Venue



19 Days Before Statesville ROCKS!

February 28, 2009

Everybody get ready to ENJOY wonderful music from literally hundreds of entertainers, jazz, from Charlotte & Statesville, bluegrass, from Kentucky, right here in Iredell, reggae, pop, Christian rock, Gospel, local middle and high school concert bands, choruses, church choirs, old-time rock-n-roll, violin soloist, Mark Kano from Greensboro featuring is brand new CD “Walking on Broadway”, YOU NAME IT!

Over 725 musicians have registered and we still have plenty of time for others…so, if you sing, play and instrument as a soloist or group, young, seniors, middle-aged…go to to register to perform and be a part of Statesville’s exciting history.

We need a total of 325 volunteers to do a 4 hr shift as a greeter or verifier…so far we have 190…so access our website and register to volunteer also.  I am just so pumped about this event.